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Chabad on Campus

The Chabad House Sudent Center of Jerusalem is proud to share with you the great success of our programs, making Judaism come to life for thousands of university students in Israel.

* Shabbat Community Meal Celebrations
   Served to large groups of students each week. Free of charge!


* The Chassidic Rock Concert

* On Going Dorm Visits
   Students ask questions, find answers, put on Teffilin, get a letter in a Torah scroll written especially for them, or just talk about what's on their minds.

* Shabbat Candles "Blitz"
   Massive distribution of Shabbat candles to students in the college dorms.

* Giant Out Door Chanukah Menorah

* Major Purim Party on Campus

* Purim Feast

* Lag Ba'Omer Extravaganza
University students travel to Meron to experience the annual all-night celebration and lighting of giant bonfires, in honor of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai (the author of the Zohar.)

* Receiving the Torah anew on Chag Shavuot
A special late-afternoon reading of the Ten Commandments in a minyan for students in the dorms, with L'Chayims, explanations, and refreshments

* Weekly One on One Study Sessions  with students on classical Jewish texts and current issues..

* Personal Counselling Services - 24 hours a day!

* Jewish Publications
In Hebrew, English, French, Hungarian, and Russian increasing Jewish pride and awareness.

* Multiple Campus Dorm Room "Farbrengen" Parties
Abundant cakes and "simcha" for all   room-to-room service.

   Each day, we see our positive influence increasing. With each passing day, we accomplish a little more and spread a little more light. During these difficult times in Israel, we are always there to uplift spirits and give encouragement.

   All this important work would not be possiable without kind, caring and committed friends like you.